A highly focused, total body workout, Pilates is designed to lengthen, strengthen and tone your entire body. Pilates at THE WORKS is for everyone from beginner to pro. Whether you’re training, toning or recovering, we’ll help you do it better, stronger and more efficiently.



Reformer class uses spring resistance machines. These allow fluid movements that focus on eccentric muscle contractions, which lengthen your muscles. It helps you to create a lean, strong and mobile body. Open

Reformer Focus

A class designed to focus on the Reformer Pilates Fundamentals. This class runs at a steady pace as we work on strengthening the body. Our technique focused class is suited from a beginner level but is also great for regulars who want to focus on the foundation exercises and concentrate on perfecting technique.

Reformer Open

This class is suited to all levels. A class designed to improve strength, coordination, flexibility balance and stability.

Reformer Challenge

A full body workout as we flow from one movement to the next with minimal rest. This class is suitable for those who have participated in a minimum number of Reformer sessions. These classes move quite quickly so a strong understanding of the Reformer and Pilates foundations is required. Endurance and strength are a must for these sessions. 

*one of our instructors can advise if this class is suitable for you

NOTE: Beginners must complete a minimum of two private sessions before starting reformer classes.



Learn the fundamentals and correct technique of Pilates mat, focusing on body connections, breathing, alignment and awareness. You will work the deepest layers of muscle, which stabilise and support your spine. The outcome is a strong, flexible body with ideal posture and alignment. Suitable for all levels.


Pilates is a wonderful way for teenagers to exercise their body and mind. It provides a supportive environment to educate young people about their growing bodies and help them strengthen key areas in a safe way. This class focuses on exercises that assist the posture and incorporates breathing and stretching routines to help young people move at their best.

Private one:one

A one to one session with one of our Polestar qualified instructors will ensure you have the correct technique and alignment for your Pilates journey. After, choose to remain with your personal instructor, or chose from our range of Pilates options: individualised Studio sessions, Reformer or Mat classes. A private Pilates session is a great option for rehabilitation. ACC sessions are available.



If you’d like to progress from your private session but retain a personalised focus, a studio session is ideal. Using the Pilates machines, you’ll work through your individual programme under close supervision as your instructor guides you towards your goals. With a maximum of four people per session, this is an intimate and targeted experience.


Pilates and productivity go hand in hand. A one-off Pilates session or regular class with your work colleagues can be a great team building idea and a fun way to de-stress, motivate and focus. Our classes can be held at your workplace or at The Works studio.