Where good health begins

When your mind and body work together in optimum health you can think, feel and move with ease and happiness. Good health allows you to do the things you want and live a life you enjoy. THE WORKS was created with your best health in mind. Welcome to our dynamic, supportive space where we aim to guide, nourish and strengthen your MIND and BODY to help you MOVE in life.


A healthy mind informs a healthy body. We’ll help you nourish your brain function and become more mindful of how you approach your complete wellbeing.


To move with ease you need to ensure there are no barriers preventing your body’s natural patterns. We’ll help remind your body what it was designed to do and prepare it to function to its full ability.


Find your favourite or try something new: through our wide range of classes we’ll help your body and mind stretch, express and communicate so that you can maintain healthy movement.