Strength + Conditioning


Suspension Beginner

A performance training tool originally designed for the US Navy Seals, Suspension leverages gravity and body weight as resistance to develop strength, core stability, flexibility and balance. Control the level of difficulty by adjusting your body position, ensuring you have the ultimate body workout at a level that suits you.


Suspension Intermediate

Take your Suspension training to the next level. The preferred choice of top athletes to build muscular endurance, Suspension is a form of exercise where the only limits are in your mind. Your instructor will guide you to push yourself further so that you’re constantly challenged, motivated and inspired.

Studio Circuits

This is a unique and challenging circuit that enables you to work at your own pace. You’ll work through a specific number of sets at each station using a variety of equipment and focusing on core, strength and endurance. Limited class size allows your instructor to monitor your movements and ensure correct form. 


Class X

Lose yourself to inspiring curated music and focus on incremental, repetitive movements which activate specific muscles to tone and strengthen the body. With 7 minutes of total body rest and relaxation to end the class, you will leave feel both worked and energised.


@ The Barre

This fusion class combines Barre, Pilates, Yoga and Balance. Flow through the class from the barre to the mat and enjoy a total body work out from strength to stretch. Open to all fitness levels!