Pregnancy is a unique time in a woman’s life. It can be wonderful, challenging, painful and invigorating. Our range of classes will help you through this time. With Pilates and Yoga you will learn to breathe and stretch while strengthening and conditioning your body, addressing anxiety, emotions, fatigue and stress. Pregnancy at THE WORKS is a warm, welcoming environment for women at every stage of their pregnancy and new mums post birth.


Pre Natal Pilates

An ideal exercise during pregnancy, Pre-natal Pilates improves your awareness and control of your pelvic floor and breath in preparation for childbirth, and strengthens your body for the physical demands after birth. Pre-natal Pilates will also help you to relieve joint strain, build muscle, improve circulation, decrease anxiety and improve sleep.

Pre Natal Yoga

Our Pre Natal Yoga is a nurturing experience that supports the body and mind while focusing on the breath. It’s a great way to prepare your body for labour, while improving flexibility and strength, and promoting a calmer mind. This practice will empower you to give birth with greater confidence.


Post Natal Pilates

Pilates is a great way to help the recovery from pregnancy and birth. It will help you to safely return to exercise, regain abdominal strength and strengthen your pelvic floor, upper and lower body and back. It will help you to regain your posture and physique, and give you the “me” time so essential for new mums.

Post Natal Yoga

The post-natal period can be challenging both physically and emotionally. Yoga during this time can help you to reconnect with your strength, develop more energy and alleviate fatigue through reinvigorating the body.