To move with ease you need to ensure there are no barriers preventing your body’s natural patterns. BODY at THE WORKS is where we repair, realign, remove pain and remind your body what it was designed to do. Our practitioners are experts in chiropractic therapy, pelvic health, physiotherapy, massage, reflexology and more. They’ll help prepare your body to function to its full ability.

Collective Wellbeing

We work collaboratively to help heal and strengthen your body. This gives you the opportunity to benefit from a range of practitioners and therapies in the one place. You may visit our rehabilitation specialist for muscular issues, our chiropractor for skeletal attention and our massage therapist for relaxation and rejuvenation. Whatever approach and combination of therapies you need, the result is a nourished, conditioned body thanks to THE WORKS.

Dr Melissa Vetter

I’m passionate about integrative healthcare that assists the human body to thrive. Using a range of therapies I aim to rehabilitate, align and enhance every body’s potential. I hope to educate you how to breathe, move with ease and take charge of your body again.

Flis Pask

Years as a stressed out investment banker lead me to discover the power of Reflexology to de-stress the body and awaken its natural ability to heal. It’s through this and Pilates that I enjoy helping people improve movement, increase strength and gain confidence in their bodies.

Phillipa Page

I believe in food as the first aid to health. I focus on whole body health and aim to help people take control of their wellbeing. I work with you to make dietary changes that fit your lifestyle and nourish your body while re-balancing and building your resilience.

Callum Marsh

Massage is a wonderful way to repair, strengthen and support the body to good health. I take an holistic view of your wellbeing and bring my expertise in sports and Rehabilitation Massage and wellness therapies.

Gina Rose

A mother to three young children, a clinical nutritionist and a lover of wholesome food. With over 15 years experience in the health care industry and a real passion for using the power of nature to heal the body, Gina aspires to educate and help clients understand their health concerns & provides key steps to achieve exceptional health.